Standard Features

Treated runners
3/4” tounge & groove
Treated flooring
Treated 2’x4’ floor joist
3/4” tounge & groove flooring

16” center floor joist
2’x4’ wall stud
2’x4’ rafters
25 year shingles
Heavy Duty Hinges

40 year painted panel
15 shingle color options
8 vinyl siding color options
22 painted panel color options

Color Options
Vinyl Siding Color Choices for Martin's Mini Barns Custom Sheds
Shingle color options for Martin's Mini Barns custom sheds
Painted Panel
Stocked paint colors for Martin's Mini Barns Wood Siding


30”x72″:  $140

Double Doors

48”x72”:  $185
60”x72”:  $235

Service Doors

36”x72” 6-Panel:  $290
36”x72” 9-Lite:  $390

Roll-Up Doors, all colors

4’x6’: $275
5’x6’: $325
6’x6’: $375
7’x6’: $425
8’x7’: $475
9’x7’: $500


4’x4’: $100
5’x4’: $120
6’x4’: $130
7’x4’: $140
8’x4’: $150

Roof Options

Basic Vent: $30
18” Octagon Vent: $95
36” Roof Light (painted panel): $85


18”x27’: $65
24”x27”: $75
24”x36”: $85


Lofts or Shelves: $3.00/sq. ft.
Vinyl Flower Pot: $45
Shutters: $45/set

Limestone or Gravel Site

Call for pricing

Delivery Checklist

1. Check fences, posts and trees to ensure adequate turning room.

2. Check overhead wires, trees,branches and underground septic systems, soft ground, etc.

3. Please have a level sight prepared PRIOR to our arrival. We recommend stone or concrete slabs.

4. If you want blocks put under the object, we suggest 8” x 16” x 2” patio blocks, we will put blocks in place after object is set (we do not furnish blocks).

5. If we are going over the neighboring property, make sure you have permission to do so prior to delivery. Remember that you (owner of object) are taking responsibility for the property that is being crossed. On delivery we will not be responsible for any damages done on property or lawn. Customer is responsible for all permits, code restraints and ordinances

6. We recommend 3-4 inches of crushed stone or concrete slabs. We are not responsible if your shed shifts and none of these are used.

5 Year Warranty

Workmanship is covered for a period of 5 years.  Material is covered under each manufacturer’s warranty.  Vandalism, storm damage or normal everyday wear is not covered.  All barns must be painted (including front, back and all 4 edges of doors) within 90 days of completion.  Adequate air circulation must be maintained beneath the barn.